Stupidity: A Mixture of Emotions

Hey Guys, I know few of my writings sounds really stupid. Keeping that in mind, I named this blog with a title as "Stupidity". This blog as some random posters of my writings. I hope you like few of the below poster phrases.....So why late... go start reading... LGBT Clueless Guy.... Nutshell Girl... True Success....… Continue reading Stupidity: A Mixture of Emotions

Love and breakup

Unloved Love of a Lovable Love❤️💔

Those searching eyes....Wishing heart.....Burning soul....for her never changed. Even after years of her breakup. In a generation of fuck and forget.He made love with a girl.Unfortunately the girl got fucked and got away. She was his slow poison....piercing into the heart...then through the soul....She was an inevitable nightmare of his. Her beautiful giggles,were his future… Continue reading Unloved Love of a Lovable Love❤️💔

Love and breakup

The Subtle Eternal Thing… 🙏

Ocean of Dreams,🌊Rock hard Trust,🏔Mindful of Memories;❣Faded by a one word "SORRY".😢From,Pulling her cheeks.To,Pulling her out of his heart.It's been,A solo war of his 😭Those were the days,His mobile used to be mortal with low battery.👍These were the days,His mobile is immortal with a full battery.👎Breakup didn't heart hurt him,But the way she avoided did… Continue reading The Subtle Eternal Thing… 🙏

Love and breakup

Soul of Pain 💔

"Behind an every smiling face, there is always a shivering heart of pain". A pain that is given by others.A pain that always pricks the soul.A pain that unites all the scattered feelings.A pain that brings all the good memories with bad emotions.A pain that makes one feel weak.A pain that reminds of that joyful… Continue reading Soul of Pain 💔