Life Lessons

Tears: The Unexpressed Emotions of A Man😢

From childhood...... We Boys are taught to be stronger. ........ taught to support our families. ........ taught to earn millions. ........ taught to fulfill our parents dreams....... taught not to cry like a girl, when being a kid.But Why????Why Boys are being trained to be emotionless...!!!! He was 5 yrs old. Was his 1st day… Continue reading Tears: The Unexpressed Emotions of A Man😢


Stupidity: A Mixture of Emotions

Hey Guys, I know few of my writings sounds really stupid. Keeping that in mind, I named this blog with a title as "Stupidity". This blog as some random posters of my writings. I hope you like few of the below poster phrases.....So why late... go start reading... LGBT Clueless Guy.... Nutshell Girl... True Success....… Continue reading Stupidity: A Mixture of Emotions

Love and breakup

Unloved Love of a Lovable Love❤️💔

Those searching eyes....Wishing heart.....Burning soul....for her never changed. Even after years of her breakup. In a generation of fuck and forget.He made love with a girl.Unfortunately the girl got fucked and got away. She was his slow poison....piercing into the heart...then through the soul....She was an inevitable nightmare of his. Her beautiful giggles,were his future… Continue reading Unloved Love of a Lovable Love❤️💔


Bamboo: The Underrated Warrior of Air Pollution ✊

Hello My Partial Environmentalist,Firstly, I wish you a "Happy World Environment Day". Coming to the point on me referring you as a partial Environmentalist is because, many of us are very enthusiastic in protecting the nature. But, we don't exactly know what we have to do in a simple and easy way with a less… Continue reading Bamboo: The Underrated Warrior of Air Pollution ✊


Sister: The Unfortunate Blessing🤭

SISTER...... You are....One of the bitter words, which I used to hate listening.One of the gods evil creations, to crush your angel brother.The first best girl friend a idiotic brother ever had.An open darkness with a hidden colorful treasure.A pseudo reflection of a insane brother.Our parents greatest gift I ever had.A Human with a multiple… Continue reading Sister: The Unfortunate Blessing🤭


శ్రీకర కవితలు- 2

కష్టాల్లో చేతి గీతలను నమ్మే ఓ మూర్ఖుడా!!కష్టాన్ని ఇష్టంగా పుస్తకంలో రాసి చూడు.కష్టపడి రాసిన ఆ రాతల్లోంచి నీకు వెలుగు కనిపిస్తుంది.కార్చిన ఆ కష్టం ఎప్పటికీ కరువవ్వదు అని తెలుస్తుంది!!జీవితాన్ని జయించాలి అనుకోని,జీవించటం మర్చిపోయావా??జీవితం అంటే సంపాదించటం కాదు!!జీవితాన్ని జీవించటం అని తెలుసుకో నేస్తమా!!.ఒంటరిని అని బాధ పడుతున్నవా??ఒంటరి కని వారు ఎవరు అని గుర్తించలేక పోతున్నవా?? ఐతే!!వెలుగునిచ్చే సూర్యుడు కదా ఒంటరి!!వెన్నలని ఇచ్చే చంద్రుడు కదా ఒంటరి!!ఏమంటావు ఓ నేస్తం??ఇది తప్పు, ఇది ఒప్పు అని… Continue reading శ్రీకర కవితలు- 2

Life Lessons

Silent Murder: The best way of killing a person☠🔪

Hey My Amazing Reader,This blog of mine gonna be either a controversial or appreciative one. Because, I am going to share one of the most cruel and safest form of killing a person alive. So, for this all you have to do few things as below:> Make an unexpected entry to a persons life.> Start… Continue reading Silent Murder: The best way of killing a person☠🔪


Pseudo-Forestry: A solution to Urban Pollution

Pseudo-forests are a kind of pocket Eco-systems which can be set up anywhere in and around your living space. Before I get much detailed into the pseudo-forests, let me present you with some images first. Aren't these amazing to keep them around our living or working spaces. If you could also provide birdhouses like in… Continue reading Pseudo-Forestry: A solution to Urban Pollution