Bamboo: The Underrated Warrior of Air Pollution ✊

Hello My Partial Environmentalist,

Firstly, I wish you a “Happy World Environment Day”. Coming to the point on me referring you as a partial Environmentalist is because, many of us are very enthusiastic in protecting the nature. But, we don’t exactly know what we have to do in a simple and easy way with a less investment of time. For this I got a 1 stop solution for you all. So, in this blog I am gonna present you the most underrated air pollution warrior who is been fighting from decades. Let me present you our super hero stronger than steel, taller than humans, incredibly versatile and unique plant “Mr. Bamboo”.
Here I will present you few facts abut how Mr. Bamboo gonna be a green alternative and also efficient in pollution reduction.
By the way, did I forget to tell you that I am writing this blog as our “World Environmental Day” theme was “Beat Air Pollution”.
Here we gooooo…..

Hello I am Mr. Bamboo

#Fact 1: Mr. Bamboo a Nuclear Bomb of Oxygen

It is proved that Mr. bamboo can produce 35% more oxygen than that of the hardwood trees. It is also documented that it has a capacity to absorb 12 tons of carbon dioxide (Co2) per 2.5 acres in a year. Bamboo is a green house gases fighter too.
Behalf of these, bamboo can also prevent the soil erosion and floods because of it’s extensive and strong rooting systems.

The amount of oxygen emission is 2x faster than normal plants

#Fact 2: Mr. Bamboo with Thomas Edison’s Bulb

Did you now Thomas Edison in his first bulb used a carbonized bamboo filament which last over 1200 hours. He later patented it and planned to start a large-scale manufacturing plant of a light bulb.

Light bulb with a bamboo filament.

#Fact 3: Mr. Bamboo a Renewable Resource

Mr. Bamboo can be used as the best substitute for any kind of woods. Because, these can be harvested and grown much faster. Bamboos can be harvest with in 1 to 5 years from their plantation.
As deforestation is one of the major factors, bamboos can fill up the gap in a very efficient way. Because of these factors, bamboos are one of the ideal materials for the manufacturing goods.

Mr. Bamboo can be grown in any kind of land

#Fact 4: Mr. Bamboo in Guinness World Records

Mr. Bamboo holds a Guinness World Records too. He has been awarded as the fastest growing plant ever. It is proved that Mr. Bamboo grows as fast as 35 inches in a single day!!! That means Mr. bamboo grows at a speed of 1.5 inches per Hour.

Mr. Bamboo also hold another record for the tallest plant too with a height of 130 feet tall in Europe and 65 to 98 feet in US of America.

Mr. Bamboo’s World Record

#Fact 5: Mr. Bamboo Stronger than Steel

Do you know Mr. Bamboo is stronger than one of the strongest metals (i.e. Steel) on earth. Mr. Bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel. As we know tensile strength mean the ability to pull a material apart. For this Mr. Bamboo beats the Steel. It can also withstand being smashed better than average concrete.
That’s the reason, new innovations like bicycle frames are been getting into the use as they are light weight and incredible strength. In the olden days the bamboos were also used as the supporting pillars and beams for many huge constructions too.

Building made with Mr. Bamboo

#Fact 6: Mr. Bamboo a Rich Fiber food

Bamboo shoots consumption is a very common practice in many parts of Asia. They are a very good source of healthy fiber, though they are not high in much nutrients, these are less fat and calorie food. This makes Mr. Bamboo as one of the best diet foods.
These bamboo shoots are consumed when they are at their infancy and only about 6 inches tall.
Not only humans but these are the top favorite food for “Pandas”. They live literally eating on bamboo shoots.

Mr. Bamboo with a PANDA

#Fact 7: Mr. Bamboo as a Natural Anti-bacterial

When Mr. bamboo compared with cotton in fighting bacteria. “Mr. Bamboo effectively kills all the bacteria within 24 hrs time”, says reports. This makes Mr. bamboo a great material for the use in clothing.
As bamboo clothing are anti-bacterial they also get less stinky and keep the cloths cleaner for long time, which makes a less frequency in washing it. These bamboo fibers also been used from regular clothing to the wound dressing including towels, sheets, diapers, socks, etc.

Mr. Bamboo is also bacteria fighter

#Facts 8: Mr. Bamboo Replacing Metals and Plastics.

As we are aware there a bamboo bicycles frames already in the market. These also can replace our tooth brush to the daily used plastic spoons. Mr. Bamboo is also used as a musical instrument, kitchenware, food, health and beauty products, art, cars, fishing equipment, weapons, computer hardware and more. What not??? Mr. Bamboo can be a 1 stop solution of all kind of environmental problems too.

#Fact 9: Mr. Bamboo as perfect Deodorizer

Mr. Bamboo also has a unique qualities that it can also deodorize any kind of smell, which makes it a perfect material for textiles. There are many products available that use bamboo charcoal as the deodorizer.
This can be a great green alternative which is free form chemicals and gases. These bamboo deodorizers not only reduce the bad smell but also can act as the moisture absorbents.

Deodorizer made from Mr. Bamboo

#Fact 10: Mr. Bamboo as your Best Beer Buddy and Foodie

In countries like China, there are liquor brewers who use Mr. Bamboo’s trunk to age their spirits. In this the alcohol is injected into the Mr. Bamboo’s tummy. Then left to mix them with the natural juices for Mr. Bamboo along with the bamboo sap. This can enhance the health benefits in improving the lung health and also as a detoxifying agent.

In countries like India, Mr. bamboo’s trunks are used for chicken cooking. This enhances the flavor of the chicken unlike any other taste enhancers available in the market. Also,make it a healthy food.

See how amazing and wild Mr. Bamboo is. He can be a complete green alternative to any kind of use. Make Mr. Bamboo as your friend and a part of your daily life.

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  1. Its very informative.I am already huge fan of mr. Bamboo.
    India is 2nd largest producer of bamboo but still its potential is untapped.
    Its the Need of hour to explore more and implement it and include in our daily life.


    1. Thank you for your appreciation 😊 Yes do need so much to bring Mr. Bamboo into our daily life style. Let’s do our best to make it green alternative 😁


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