Sister: The Unfortunate Blessing🤭

SISTER…… You are….
One of the bitter words, which I used to hate listening.
One of the gods evil creations, to crush your angel brother.
The first best girl friend a idiotic brother ever had.
An open darkness with a hidden colorful treasure.
A pseudo reflection of a insane brother.
Our parents greatest gift I ever had.
A Human with a multiple personality disorder (Because… you act as mom, dad, brother, devil, ghost, psychopath…what not??). 😜

Sister you are indeed a blessing from god in this crazy brother’s life.
Yes!!! you never let my life go in peace. You always made sure that I don’t miss fun in my life. You are the gorgeous angel walking with a hidden mask of scary ghost within. 😉
You are my only Tom, to keep this Jerry’s life brightened.

From sharing your favorite food to sharing my personal problems, sister you never left me alone.
From scolding me to loving me the most, sister you never left me alone.
From scratching my skin to healing my broken heart, sister you never left me alone.
From stealing my thing to giving me precious memories, sister you never left me alone.
From fighting with me to fighting for me, sister you never left me alone.
From sharing laughter to wiping tears, sister you never left me alone.

You are the best time pass in my loneliness.
You are my best memory in my personal diary.
You are the best person in my heart.
You are the best sister a brother ever had.

Yeah!!! But still I hate you
for not being able to be on my side always.
for getting married and leave me alone.
for leaving me with the best memories.
for being my only annoying sister.

Thank you akka (sister) for being my first best friend.
Thank you akka for being my second best mother.
Thank you akka for being my third best well wishers.
Thank you akka for all these bundle of emotions.

Finally it’s your birthday again. Growing up with you was like a marathon with a hurdles combined🤭 for both me and pappa too. Distance never made us far, though not close enough too. But the bond you made was inevitable. Because, you are the only rare species that our family has produced🤣.

Anyway, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Akka 🎂. Congratulations, for baring me all those year, you have been strong enough and thanks for getting older than me faster 😜. You know what!!!! you are now:
914,544,000 seconds OLD,
15,242,400 minutes OLD,
254,040 hours OLD,
10,585 days OLD,
1512 weeks OLD,
348 months OLD, and
29 years OLD.
Finally you are OLD now 🤭. Happy Birthday again 😎. Love you akka, from the moon and back.