Pseudo-Forestry: A solution to Urban Pollution

Pseudo-forests are a kind of pocket Eco-systems which can be set up anywhere in and around your living space. Before I get much detailed into the pseudo-forests, let me present you with some images first.

Aren’t these amazing to keep them around our living or working spaces. If you could also provide birdhouses like in the image below along with few animals like rabbits, puppies, cats don’t it feel awesome?

So, basically, pseudo-forests can be an easy way of conserving the Eco-system at your hands without depending on forests. So, now let’s know, how do we start pseudo-forests at our home and what are the few different plants we can use.

Plants like climbing fig (ficus pumila)curtain creeper (tarlmounia), morning glory, etc are some of the creeper plants which we can spread on the outer wall of our houses. These are free from insects and easy to grow on the outer walls of our houses. They keep our house naturally cool and gives us a completely green look. Below are the images of the 2 creepers.

For rooftop forest, there are many different approaches. For this, I will suggest you consult rooftop gardening agencies because it varies from place to place. I know when I talk about rooftop forest your imagination is some kind of this…

“The illegally-built villa is seen covered with trees and bushes on the rooftop of a high-rise residential apartment building in Guangzhou city, south Chinas Guangdong province, 14 April 2014.”

I don’t expect you to have this huge but one can try like in the below… aren’t these cute. Imagine how peaceful and fresh it could be if you can sip your morning and evening coffee here.

This is how one can use the concept of pseudo-forestry in their living spaces and create a small Eco-system without worrying about pollution. More the number of pseudo-forests, more the chances of producing a good Eco-system and a great Environment. Hence, protecting the Environment is not a big or expensive thing to do. All it needs, one to have a passion to do their best for it.

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