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Marriage!! Mandatory??πŸ‘«

Hey Buddy,
If I am not wrong you are here for 4 reasons, let me guess!!!!
1. I forced you to read this by sharing linkπŸ˜…, or
2. May be you are caught up with my title, or
3. You might be eager to know as your next phase of life is few miles away, or
4. You might be at an age where your neighbors are more interested in your marriage than you do…πŸ˜‰

If any 1 of the above points matches you… cheers✌ and go hit like as a gesture of gratitude.😁 Because, in this blog I am going to change your opinion about marriage or say new phase of your life…

Basically, many of us are having a wrong opinion about marriage right??
Especially, in our generation of 90’s kids😎. When someone talks about it we get lost in our thought sometimes about our upcoming so called LIFE PARTNER right??? We also get tensed about getting into a committed relationships for a life time, as we see many couple around us are getting divorced or involved in a big family fights.
Yes!!!!! Even I was one among YOU 🀝
Out of those frustrating thoughts, I used to think like….
Is marriage mandatory in life??πŸ€”
Why should I get married? πŸ€”
After a lot of thinking, I got a self-obsessed answer when asked me about marriage😎
I used to say people that, “I don’t wanna get married because, I can cook myself, I can wash my cloths, I can broom my home, I am emotionally strong, I am a narcissist, blaaahhh…. blaaahhh…. I always gave some bragging answers😝.
Now you say, for a guy like me who is completely capable of doing all the works by himself need to get married?πŸ€” Do you see any scope of me getting married?
But, someone asked what if you feel ****beep**beep**beeeeepppp****??? Hold on dude!!!! Stop your dirty brain….😱. But yes!!! you guessed it right!!!πŸ˜‰ This I always ignored…πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

So…. why should one get married?????
OK!! I will tell you why now….πŸ˜…
Once I remember reading a small conversation between son and his dad on Quora….
SONπŸ§‘: Dad!!! I don’t wanna get married!!! I am not interested…..
(After a lot of arguments between dad & son)
DADπŸ‘³β€β™‚οΈ: Remember Son!!! Getting regretted in life about marriage is for sure…. but choose how you wanna get regretted??

Did you get what exactly DAD is trying to convey his SON???
OK, let me explain it of ease….
Dad mean to say that, if you don’t get married in your life. There comes a stage where all your friends and colleagues get married and are busy with their families. When you are in need of some one in some kind of emergency situations. They tend to ignore you for sure. Because, their family comes first. So, you are left alone which pricks your heart very very badly. You feel lonely, devastated, scattered, and regretted at that point of life.
If you get married, still you get regretted with the commitments, responsibilities, sacrifices, time,children…etc. But, you have someone walking beside you listening your problems, sharing your pain, lifting you up, giving you emotional support and all. Off all, you will have someone who is “YOUR’S and only YOUR’S”. With whom you can share every little shitty things to big surprising things. In front of these emotions, your regrets will sure get faded away.

You might ask… what about those stupid fights all the couple around us having on a daily basis??

Yeah, I have a great answer for you too. Basically, the fights arise in couple is mostly because of the dominance. When one tires to dominate other, obviously it directs one to misunderstandings, fights and divorce.

So, how to make it “Prosperous”….?

If I ask you, how many times did you fight with your Best friend till date???
Your answer might be, “Holy Shit!!! That idiot was born to irritate and fight with me for a life time. But, I love his/her company“.πŸ˜…
Here is the answer, if you can revert back to your best friend even after many such 1000’s of fights, why not with you life partner???
Why don’t you people try to be as best friends in your committed relations?
Why don’t you try sharing every little aspects of your life, like you do with you best friend??
Why don’t you open up with life partner and make them understand, as you do with you best friend??
Why don’t you get down with your ego, like you do with your best friend??

Marriage is not like renewing and replacing thing. It’s a repairing process of relation, as it is a life time commitment.

You take commitment to always stay true,
take commitment to always walk beside,
take commitment to share their pain,
take commitment to listen their problems,
take commitment to support emotionally all the way,
take commitment to be a part of their struggles.

Getting married is not starting a new phase of life, it is letting yourself open up to become a complete human.
“The lessons learnt in the institute of marriage are the greatest teachers one can have” said Anonymous.

Remember, “great marriages are built, brick by brick, day after day, over a life time“.

Before concluding, I would like to say that, get married to a right person, at a right time, and at a right age. Life always does’t give the right things when you are ready, when given, keep it with you until the right time.

SRI πŸ™
Note: I hope you like this blog. Please do share your views over here if you are already married. I might be wrong, as I am not into that phase. These are only my stupid observations from the people around me. Do share, follow and like my blog. Your little appreciation will let me give you more honest and quality writings.


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  1. Well said. Marriage is not a need, it’s a companionship. Although it could start with a need, but soon should moved onto to a companionship, otherwise life will be a struggle for both.

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