Life Lessons

Phrases on LIFE🤷‍♂️

Hey Readers,
This blog is about some interesting random phrases on life which make us think and read them twice. I hope you will like them all.

“Don’t Die to Live, Live to Die with great memories in life”.
Travel, Meet new people, Make Memories and strike-off your bucket list.

Know that,
Eating Apple keeps one healthy.
Never knew that,
Having one Apple makes one rich.

Never keep a Goal,
Rather make it a Habit.
Now see the change.

You are only great until or unless,
Someone or something great in society recognizes you as great.

When there is a problem,
we always tend to replace or renew the things.
And, we never try to repair them.
But the insane thing is,
we apply the same to human relations instead of things.
That’s the cause of weak human relations.

People say “Live life like there is no tomorrow“.
But I say, “Not with Fear, but a Desire“.

Note: All the lines are been written from the different situations/events happened in my life. Not Copied or regenerated.