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Birth of My Baby BLOG 👶

Hey Readers,

We know, most of us when we read some kind of random journal or blogs online, we do feel if I could do the same it might feel good!!! Am I right?? We do always think, “how that Mr. X writer writes such a long thing about something”? 

We always get this kind of random questions in your brains at some point in our lives. And finally, we get stress out of these question like “How!!”, “What!!” and “Where!!”, then we tend to give up of the thought. Yes!!! I know this happens with most of us when we try to start something new, not only with writing but also many such aspects of your life like thinking to start something new.

So!!! What is the reason for our Back Step?

Hmmm… let me help you out. When you think you get “EXCUSES” like some of the below:
I can’t write, because I am not good at English!!
I can’t write, because I don’t get words to write sometime.
I can’t write, because I am not spontaneous in writing.
I can’t write, because I don’t have that much knowledge to write something.
I can’t write, because I don’t have time.
I can’t write!!!
I can’t!!!

Yeah, YOU !!!!

Because, the first drawback of yours is, having a negative start with “I Can’t“.
Second, you dream of the “End Results”. Like, getting your blog famous, having more results, imagining your writings equal to Shakespeare or Rabindranath Tagore”. But, hold on Dude!! 
End results always scare us initially, as they are entitled with END.

The history of my blog writing has been a long process, but not a hard process. It’s really been simple as chunking butter, but with a regular consistency and persistence. So, how did this all get started and take birth as a BLOG?

Initially, when I felt something is of eye catchy or interesting, I used to write it down on some piece of rough papers or random ones. Why?? Because, it is said that “what we read and write it on paper will be fixed at some corner of our brain”. So, I did. I wrote everything whenever I heard or read randomly interesting.

Next, whenever I write something on paper I started writing it something different or say poetic or something of my own version which I felt okayish and feel like a great writer for some time  (because self-satisfaction and self-appreciation are all we needed).😜

Then, I started writing a diary with 4 line phrases of my own when I felt inspired or admired from random things or people around me. The same 4 line phrases I used to post on my Whatsapp Status. Why?? To check the impact or response of people whoever read it. So, gradually I did it until I gain good vocabulary or bookish writings or say eye catchy words.

Later, I wrote my first blog, joining all my 4 line phrases entitled with “Life Taught Lessons” 😜  
Because it is said that “a group of letters form a word, a group of words form a sentence, a group of sentences form a para, a group of paras forms 1 page, a group of 1-pages form a set of a book (or a blog for my convenience😜)”. So, I did the same.

What I suggest to all the starters is, don’t think of end and start writing it down for your own fun. Try writing as a tool of expressionInclude your feeling, your emotions, your happiness, your sorrow, your anger, and your kindness. This is a kind of compounding your writing habit like we do the compounding in the business with a few bucks of money which return largely in a long run. The rewards which we get in return through writing are impeccable happiness, soul-satisfaction, peace of mind and feeling of a lighter chest. Because it forces you to structure your thoughts more coherently.

One more best advice, I can give to a beginner is start writing your feelings or emotions when you are pissed off or excess happyExpress it on your piece of a white paper write is down feel the fire passing through your hand and getting into your pen and spreading on that white paper with a soulful of beautiful words carvedStart writing small should be your first thumb rule. 2 words, 4 words, 1 line, 4 lines, 1 para, and so on. You will definitely thank me once you feel the blissfulness of writing.

Start, writing without thinking of ENDTalk to yourself that you are writing to express before you start. Do this every time before you start until your brain believe and accept it completely.

“In a hunt of WORDS, you will find a new YOU