Love and breakup

Questions to a Heart ๐Ÿ’–

This is the conversation between The Brain ๐Ÿ˜Œ and A Heart ๐Ÿ’–…..

Why do you think its unconditional??

“Even after a person is insulted and judged in every possible way. Still, he never lost his love and hope to get her to get back. Like Pappa’s Princes, Mama’s Daughter, she is his BABY” it replied.

Why do you wanna get back to her??

“Because our crazy conversations are silent. Silent in the air. Our eyes speak out loud. Our patterns convey our thoughts.” it replied

How can we know it’s her??

“That’s the day you see a spark in the eyes of your soulmate. That’s the time, you feel she is the reason that I am still alive. That’s the time, you can’t resist placing a kiss on her forehead” it replied.

Why do you think your love is great??

“It’s not the time and space which decides the greatness of love. Its the intensity of flow between two hearts. Love like a mother for her newborn baby after her birth” it replied.

Why do you still believe that she will be back??

“Yes, becauseย that the belief she has given me” it replied.

What melts your heart??

“That stupid puppy face when I am angry at her and her brown dusky eyes when she looks in my eyes” it replied.

What is your biggest fear about her??

“She has become my biggest insecurities” it replied

What makes you the saddest??

“She left me alone during the times I need the most.ย Yes!!! I miss her like hell with a shivering heart and disturbed thoughts” it replied.Sometimes in life, one person will change everything. They disturb us in every possible way. They give the worst experience by leaving us all alone. But they are also the reason for the happiest hours we spent in our life. Hoping for the best, life has to be moved on.