Love and breakup

Soul of Pain πŸ’”

“Behind an every smiling face, there is always a shivering heart of pain”.

A pain that is given by others.
A pain that always pricks the soul.
A pain that unites all the scattered feelings.
A pain that brings all the good memories with bad emotions.
A pain that makes one feel weak.
A pain that reminds of that joyful smiles.
A pain that reminds of that deep dusky brown eyes.
A pain that makes feel lonely.
A pain that holds the sorrow up your neck.
A pain that feels sorry for loving unconditional.
A pain that forgot to see a minor of negativity.
A pain that wishes to share the rest 40 yrs of togetherness.
A pain that knows they will never feel your love.
A pain that knows they will never be mine.
A pain that rests till the last breath of a pure soul.

Not every love story should have a happy ending.
Some need sacrifices.
Some need patience.
Some need blood.
Some need strength.
Some need commitment.
Some need understanding.

Love is eternal.
Love your love until it loves back.