Life Lessons

Life Taught Lessons ūüôŹ

When It comes to the word LIFE. Everyone one has their own definition and perspective in which they see for it.


Some say¬†“Life is Money”
Some say¬†“Life is Traveling”
Some say¬†“Life is Music”
Some say¬†“Life is Learning”

Some say¬†“Life is Bitch”

vice-versa everyone has their own version of seeing life.
For me,¬†“Life is a GURU (Teacher)”.
It taught me what is Smartness to what is Ignorance
It taught me Love to Heartbreak
It taught me Poor to Riches
It taught me Good to Bad
It taught me Anger to Peace
Off all, it taught me what is Living to Dying.
It also taught me a few interesting lessons which I will be quoting here. These are not about LIFE. These are some random aspects of my LIFE.
Success is through¬†“Devotion”,¬†not¬†“Discipline”.Having¬†Branded Products¬†doesn’t make you a¬†“Worthy”,¬†Become a¬†“BRAND”.

Some¬†“Promises”¬†can’t be¬†“Broken”, even they are made with the people who¬†“Broke”¬†the¬†“heart”.

When You have¬†“less”,¬†You¬†value it.
When You have “more”,¬†You¬†neglect it.
Follow-Force you to rise,
Copy-Crush you to fall.
Always we are right with our¬†“Selections”,¬†but not¬†“Decisions”.
Don’t make¬†“Desires”,¬†instead make yourself¬†“Deserve”.A small¬†Piece of¬†“Hatred”¬†is million times powerful than the¬†“Ocean of Love”.

These are some of the most important things which life taught me as a teacher. Always¬†LIFE¬†lets one create a new¬†YOU. All we have to remember¬†until our last breath is that¬†“There is bad Day, but not bad Life”.