My Little Devil πŸ˜˜

We thought, we will be more than a good friends πŸ‘«
We thought, we will be more than a lovely couple πŸ’‘
We thought, we will make everything together 🚣
We thought, we will make love every day πŸ’
We thought, we will plan our future πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
We thought, we will be made for each otherΒ πŸ’–
We thought, we support each other in our hard timesπŸ’ͺ
We thought, we will share our happy moments first πŸ’žWe thought, we are another version of each other πŸ˜”

But Never thought, will be left alone🚢

Never thought, u will fight alone πŸ™‡
Never thought, u wont let me make you happy πŸ˜₯
Never thought, you will keep me distant 🌏
Never thought, I will be no one for you 😫
Can’t you feel my hurt, behind every hello?
Can’t you feel my sorrow, behind every smiley?
Can’t u feel my devastated heart, behind every disturbing message?
Can’t u feel my depressed feelings, behind every msg from the day u changed?
Can’t u feel my loneliness, when I have to talk with u as a stranger?
Can’t u feel my love, which I thrive to show every second for you?“Can’t you feel the feel, I am feeling for you”?

Are u that rock hearted, where u understand everyone feelings except mine!
Are u that immature, where you used to explain things in return when I am wrong!
Are u that sensible, to sense you are my weakness!Are you that bored, to understand u meanΒ  a lot in my life!

Are u that busy, to understand that I miss you for every breath of mine❗❗❗

I know you are afraid
I know you are in hard times
I know you are unable to make time
I know you are confused
I know you are distracted
I know you are puzzled
I know you love me a lot too…😊
But,Remember, I don’t expect anything from you just a few words “I will be with you till the end” πŸ˜‡

Do remember, how happy we used to be…
Do remember,Β  how crazy we used to be…
Do remember, how sarcastic we used to be…
Do remember, how love we used to share…
Do remember, how many nights we had a dream of tight hugs…
Do remember, how many things we used to share in our silence…
Do remember, how eager we are to start our new life…Do remember, how much you used to love me…

Trust me Baby, that your Baby will fight for your problems πŸ’ͺ
Trust me Baby, that Ur Baby will take care of you like a princess πŸ‘Έ
Trust me Baby, that Ur Baby will be an another dad for u πŸ‘΄
Trust me baby, that your baby will be your strength in Ur hard time ✊Trust me baby, that I will never ignore to buy a veg manchuria when asked 😒

“I LOVE YOU BUJJI THALLI (BABY)” from the moon and back. Give me another chance to prove that I am the right one for you.
With a loads of love….. 😘Yours and only yours,

***Note: This is for my fiction character and my imagination.