Life Skills

Plan Your Day

“Plan Your Day”
Yes!!! plan your day early morning when you wake up from the bed. Take a piece of paper and note down all the things or tasks which have to be done today and priorities them. I remember a quote by Jim Rhon that “never begin the day until it is finished on a paper”

It’s not mandatory that you have to do all of them. But finishing a few tasks from the list make you feel that you have done something soul satisfactory by the end of the day“Every one minute you spend in planning will save you at least 3mins in execution”Also, remember a bitter truth “any plan which is planned already may not be executed the same when it comes to the practical use”.There are many ways to live life. You no need to follow all the books or any traditional ways for the improvement of life. I bet you if one can do this every day for a minimum of 6 months, the success is yours.